Coconut Cheese Kunefe
Shredded phyllo dough with cheese filling and coconut.
Served warm. Please allow 10-15 minutes to prepare.


Traditional Baklava
Pistachio baklava with vanilla bean gelato

Vanilla Bean Gelat0
$7.00 / (gluten-free)

Rolled Pistachio Baklava
With vanilla bean gelato

Apricot-Chardonnay Sorbet
$7.00 / (gluten-free)

Stuffed Turkish Apricots
Chardonnay poached apricots stuffed with mascarpone
and cream cheese, rolled in pistachios

$9.00 / (gluten-free)

Flourless Chocolate Cake
Candied walnuts and Annette’s caramel sauce
$9.00 / (gluten-free)